Classes on the Homestead!

Foraging Wild Medicinals

This class will be taught by certified herbalist Karen Lynn Burr. We will be walking our 40-acre property and identifying different plants and medicinals.

You will ABSOLUTELY need bug spray for this! There are hills and a creek, this class will require physical movement and appropriate attire.

You do have to register for this event and the class size is LIMITED!

Poultry Processing

Dylan & Meagan enjoy teaching the skills they’ve learned to help empower others!

They also offer hands-on poultry processing classes on their homestead. Email them for more details!

Homesteading Conferences

We have been blessed to speak at several different homesteading events such as Indiana Homesteading Conference in 2022 and in 2023, Patriot Homesteaders Conference in 2022 and Celebrating the Harvest in 2022. 

If you’d like to schedule us to speak at one of your events feel free to reach out.

Meeting Some of YOU!